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My videos show how I use acrylic paints to create art from photos I take while out in nature.  I also write about art, science, & nature, as well as my personal journey to learn as much about these topics as I can.  My interests range from aardvarks to zymurgy, so I cover a lot of territory.  Join me for the adventure.

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Monarch Butterfly Painting in Acrylics (6/9/2018) - Monarch butterflies have a fascinating lifecycle.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to more information about them. https://youtu.be/TFbG3iMQigY Supply List Paper: 6" x 10" Fabriano Artistico 300# … Continue reading "Monarch Butterfly Painting in Acrylics"
My First Urban Sketch I took an Urban Sketching Workshop (6/4/2018) - Yesterday, I took an Urban Sketching Workshop with Todd Cumpston.  In fact, at the time of this writing, you can see me in a photo on his June 3rd post; … Continue reading "I took an Urban Sketching Workshop"
Me & my Northern Cardinal “Feathered Friends” Exhibited at Bull Run Regional Library (6/4/2018) - My Cardinal (Redux) is now on display at the Bull Run Regional Library in Manassas, VA, as part of the P-ART-ners "Feathered Friends" Exhibit.
Lemur catta digital collage Lemur Catta Digital Collage (5/17/2018) - Today I made available on my Fine Art America page a new digital collage artwork called "Lemur catta."  It's available as a greeting card, tote bags, pouchs, & much more.
Getting Fixed: Introversion Is Not Brokenness (5/1/2018) - A recent conversation I had: "You're quiet today," the woman said.  Like I've never heard that before.  This woman doesn't know me well, but our paths cross because we share … Continue reading "Getting Fixed: Introversion Is Not Brokenness"