About Mary

Me & Baby, a lab mix.

Me & Baby, a lab mix.

I am an artist & writer, a naturalist, a dog lover, & an incurable maker of things. No matter what I happen to have in or on my hands, I’m making something.

About fifteen years ago when my children were in high school, I began taking painting classes on a whim. Although I’d always been creative, until then my creativity had mostly taken the form of writing and music. Learning about color and design opened up whole new modes of creativity and expression for me and I’ve been making all kinds of things ever since.

The name “Wild Pines Studio” is an extension of my self-publishing imprint “Wild Pines Press.” I chose Wild Pines because it combined two things I love: wildness, which is a sublime form of freedom, and pine trees. As a child, I spent hours and hours exploring and climbing trees in the pine woods behind our vegetable garden. Those are wonderful memories. I still love walking in the woods with my dog Baby.

I am extremely fortunate to have the luxury of my own creative space in the basement of our home where I design and create all sorts of things, from ATCs and bookmarks, handcrafted miniatures, mixed media and acrylic paintings, to 3D arches for model railroads. I can’t stick to one medium; that feels like being trapped, not being free. I love the process of taking an idea and figuring out how to manifest that into a physical object. I can’t stop doing it. To me, that’s freedom.

Did I mention I’m a writer?  Here is my list of publications.

I have been online since the early days of local dial-up bulletin boards; I’ve been blogging off and on for about 16 years now. You can find me all over the internet, including…