Is this is or is this ain’t a blog?

What constitutes a blog, anyway?  And what aspect of myself should I be recording in a blog?  This is a question that has plagued me for a while now, at least since blogs changed into a inane monetized clickbait.  Now all the blogging advice is about converting readers into customers.

Question Mark


I started blogging long before all that, long before a blog was expected to be a revenue stream.  In the beginning, it was just a daily journal that one shared with friends and family.  They could be pithy and insightful, or mundane and dreary.  But they weren’t sales-oriented.

It’s easy to get swept away on the tide of turning a blog into a revenue stream: imagining some ideal reader out there, creating value for that reader, converting her into a customer; that’s what blogs have become.  But whenever I buy into that mode of thinking, I lose all interest in blogging entirely.  I stop wanting to simply write things to share, to share what’s on my easel or my drawing board or seen through the lens of my camera.  I don’t want this platform to be that sort of blog.

If I am to do this blogging thing, it’s only going to work for me if I write or share what I’m making, doing, thinking, learning, or seeing at the moment with no regard for what anyone wants from me.  If anyone out there enjoys reading about all that stuff I do, then I’m happy for them and hope they continue to enjoy it.

That’s not to say I won’t mention things that I make that are for sale, but those things aren’t the focus of my blogging.  They’re just things I make and do and will be covered like anything else.

And that’s my new blogging philosophy.  Maybe this isn’t a blog.  But it’s what I enjoy.  I hope you enjoy it, too.  But if you don’t, there are a bajillion-jillion other sites out there on the internet for you to discover.  Happy trails.