I am currently engaged in a daily painting practice. Almost every day, I complete a 6" x 8" acrylic painting on 300# watercolor paper. I post the results on my Instagram feed.

Right now, I have no intentions to put these on Fine Art America.  However, if you see one that you would like to purchase, email me for pricing.

The reference photos (all taken by me), traceables, supply list, and videos (for some) are available free and without restriction (i.e. I'm releasing them to the public domain) below.

To keep this list from scrolling down into the pits of hell, I've divided the paintings into monthly groupings. Only images from the last 3 months are displayed here.  The most recent month is at the top.

Wed 1 Nov 2017

Omelet in Progress

Thu 2 Nov 2017

American Goldfinch

Sun 5 Nov 2017

Potato Bug

6 & 7 Nov 2017

Eastern Comma


Sat 1 Oct 2017

Brass Tankard

Sun 2 Oct 2017

Vintage Telephone

Mon 3 Oct 2017


Tue 4 Oct 2017

Three Parsnips

Wed 5 Oct 2017


Fri 6 Oct 2017

Three Turnips

Sun 8 Oct 2017


Tue 10 Oct 2017

King Vulture

Wed 11 Oct 2017

Blue Jay

Thu 12 Oct 2017

Four Peppers

Sat 14 Oct 2017


Sun 15 Oct 2017

Four Veggies

Mon 16 Oct 2017

Three Veggies

Thu 26 Oct 2017

Crab Apples

Sat 28 Oct 2017

Spilled Basket

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