Wild Pines Studio

Wild Pines Studio is the room in my basement where I make art.  I use primarily acrylics and mixed media, but also colored pencils and occasionally I make linocut prints.  Most of what I create ends up on Instagram and/or the Wild Pines Studio Facebook page.

Many of my paintings are also available as prints, greeting cards, and a range of other products on my Wild Pines Studio page at Fine Art America.

During the last quarter of 2017, I challenged myself to a painting (almost) every day.  Most of those were posted on Instagram.  The reference photos and traceables for those are free and available by clicking here.

Now, in the first quarter of 2018, I'm doing regular painting studies.  Most will be posted to Instagram when they are finished.  The reference photos, traceables, and other information are all free and available by clicking here.

If you have questions about my paintings, check out my Painting FAQ page or write to me.

I am currently painting (among other things) a series I'm calling "Apposition" in which objects not usually found together are... well... found together and thus imply a story.  Below are two 8" x 6" color studies that will be reworked as 16" x 12" paintings.

Omelette, 8" x 6", acrylic on paper

Spilled Basket, 8" x 6", acrylic on paper

My website is a continual work-in-progress.  Late updated:  Fri 2 Feb 2018

Everything on my website is copyrighted unless otherwise labeled.  Please don't make me hunt you down.